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Alpha Draconians

Alpha Draconian: are a reptilian race composed of master geneticists who tinker with life which from their perspective exists as a natural resource. They range from 18-25 feet tall and are between 1500 to 1800 pounds. They have the head of dinosaur, body of man, hands with claws, wings and a tail. They have two hearts and can live from 1000 to 4000 years. They are multi-dimensional entities.

Many cultures have legends of creatures which are part human and part reptile. One of the first historical depictions of a reptilian humanoid was the Ancient Egyptian deity Sobek. In Asia, the Naga are semi-divine creatures which are half-human and half-serpent. They began appearing in sculptures over 1300 years ago. The Christians refer to them as the Seraphs. In 1888 Helena Blavatsky wrote a booked titled, The Secret Doctrine. She would later form a large organization known as the Theosophical Society. In it she referenced “dragon-men” who once had a mighty civilization on a Lemurian continent. The origins of these Reptilians date back millions of years ago to a planet near the Draco Constellation.

They are blood drinking, shape-shifting humanoids who currently occupy underground bases on Earth. Some theories circulating claim that these reptilians have infiltrated high levels of government, media, religion, the scientific community and the world banking system. The Draco’s created their own mystery schools to manipulate the population into giving away their power through superstition and fear. At the same time, the higher levels of these pyramid structures communicated the advanced knowledge to those who would serve the Reptilian agenda. Some of these mystery schools go back 30,000 to 40,000 years based on cave drawings in the Caucasus Mountains and Turkestan. In ancient Gnostic texts from Egypt called the Nag Hammadi, two types of demonic beings are described called Archons and Djinn. Shamans in altered states of consciousness started to interact with these cosmic creatures and explained the first type was a reptile, and the second type looked like a human embryo. The second was called “sky fish” and both types of Archon feed off negative human emotions and energy. They secretly manipulate the minds of politicians and other powerful people to carry out their agenda.

Light workers labeled them as the evil ones. The Draco’s were on a conquest to rule the world and have Earth join their Empire. They were supposedly behind the wars, and the Federal Reserve System that has enslaved humanity with debt. Part of me didn’t buy it though. I could see things from their perspective. Humans have abused their power of free will, and have chosen to remain blind. Instead of rising up and reclaiming their divinity, they keep their head down to avoid breaking out of the “norm”. The problem wasn’t the Draco’s; it was the stupidity of the human race. Some people who claim to be very religious are the scum of the planet. They place themselves on a pedestal for following the sheep into an organized religion without actually becoming a better person. The Resistance wanted to help the humans evolve and break free from their oppressors in the shadows. After witnessing how stupid some humans can be, I wanted to see the world burn. For it is only through chaos that a society can rebuild something better.


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