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Exit The Matrix

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

In a little less then 24 hours, I'll be turning 30. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my laptop, asking google how to start my own business. At the age of 20, I dove right in headfirst. I packed my bags, got a new apartment in the city and decided to start my journey. Looking back, it has been one hell of a decade. The last article I wrote was back on January 9th. I wrote a piece titled, "Panda-ss" which outlined some of the crazy experiences I've been having since 2014. Shortly after publishing, there was a major shift in energies that swamped me with work. I think it was a cosmic force quietly whispering in my ear to shut up and get back to serving the corporate overlords. I was on a hamster wheel, running errands in a corporate environment. I figured my film work wasn't as lucrative as I would've liked. I made a deal with the devil and traded in my camera for dress pants, oxford shirts, and multicolored ties. Before I knew it I was trapped in the rat race, living from check to check. I put up with the annoying questions 9 to 5, anticipating the weekend like a kid the night before going to an amusement park.

I was making great money, the most I ever had in my entire life. Still, something was missing. A sense of purpose? A validating feeling of accomplishment? Sure I had a fancy job title, an office in a nice building, two receptionists who answered my calls and a fully stocked kitchen with unlimited coffee and tea. But, what did that matter when I knew I could be replaced in a blink of an eye. I did work and didn't receive credit. I saw less qualified people get offered positions I applied for. I even sat by and watched my managers get promoted to senior positions off the work I did on my own. That's when I realized that the corporate grind was about kissing ass and bending over while everyone else took credit for your work. I'd spend long nights at my office after hours, brainstorming how to reinvent myself. I tried to meditate and sneak a peek at the future to get an idea of where to go and what to do. At some point, I realized this game I was playing wasn't going to last much longer. I started to wake up later, drive a bit slower in traffic and make extra stops before getting to my office. I would take the stairs to avoid the chit chat in the elevator. I went through back doors to avoid the fake smile I'd give to the receptionists. Every hour I'd put my "game face" on - and sell a dream to the clients I was meeting with. I got to a point when I realized I desperately needed a change of scenery. I used all of my sick days and paid time off that accumulated over the past two years. It gave me a full month to get my shit together while still receiving checks. I went on a mission to try to discover a way to help people while earning a sustainable income. To make a long story short, I felt so compelled to start on this newfound mission that once my paid time off was up, I submitted my resignation and went ghost on all things "corporate".

​​Things got a bit rocky at this point in the story. Relationships started to crumble and I felt pressure and stress like never before. Night after night I reminisced on my decision, looking to a higher power for guidance on if my choice was correct. One morning I packed up all my stuff and moved out of where I was living. While driving, I looked myself in the rearview mirror and made a vow that this was going to all be worth it. I made a few calls to see what "friends" were up to. Just my luck - everyone was carrying on with their own life and busy. I pulled into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot to sketch out a battle plan in my notebook. First thing I wrote was, "what the fuck do I do now". Being alone in this world can be a very powerful catalyst. I looked out the window, peaked up at the sky and said, "If you assholes are up there, I hope you guys are enjoying the show." I ended up driving to a hotel that night, figured I'd wine and dine myself to sleep and figure out what to do in the morning. Lets fast forward.

I spent the next two months living off of my "rainy day" fund. I got some things finalized in court, got my shit in order - and had to let reality really sink in. I dusted off my camera gear, contacted some old clients and started to draw up new plans for world domination. I literally turned into a robot, curating new feature films, website updates and a whole new look for my social media channels. After twelve straight weeks of producing new videos, I've come out of that tunnel vision and started to wonder about my metaphysical ties to things in higher dimensions. I questioned what that eye in the sky thought about the progress I was making. That's when I saw another UFO... Lets fast forward again. I'm sitting at the kitchen table, stuffing my face as I hear some guy on CNN interviewing some pilots about a recent incident. I dropped my fork when I looked up and saw a ufo zipping around the screen. The commercials kicked in, I threw my plate in the sink and jumped on the computer. I pulled up some forums on the dark web to see if there was any chatter between hackers about the recent event. Holy Shit... Was this it? The Revolution...? Was it starting? It seemed like every station I turned on, people were talking about this footage that surfaced. Feeling like I was on fire, I must have been typing a million words per minute. It was time to start the next phase of my plan for world domination.

For the past three weeks, I've been compiling information sourced from declassified documents released by NSA, CIA and the FBI. I've been trying to get a firm handle on which side of this cosmic war I was supposed to help. It's been keeping me up all night, scouring the web for more information to help me connect all the dots. After nearly a month of hardcore research, I think it's done. I've mapped out the inter-dimensional hierarchy with correlating alien species that have been in contact with the highest levels of our government. I started to wonder why I was having these metaphysical experiences. Telepathy, thought transference, prophetic visions, and a surge of electromagnetic energy started to be the dominant forces in my life. One day I felt like I was being followed, so I drove in circles in an empty parking lot to confront my tail. I stopped my car, jumped out to approach the driver and felt a surge of energy vibrate through my spine. I was furious. As I started to open my mouth to shout "why the fuck are you following me", there was a loud "pop" and all the lights in the parking lot went dead. I looked around confused and when I turned to face the car, the driver threw his shit in reverse and fled the parking lot. Needless to say, I've been more cautious and reserved since that incident. I also started looking into the energetic channels inside of our body, searching for a way to harness and manipulate the flow.

I was guided to look into different forms of espionage and did some hardcore research on the various intelligence networks established by the world governments. I wanted to see how they operated and who they really answered to. That's when I realized that there was a way to send and receive information to alien intelligence, bypassing all normal channels of communication. These entities discovered a way to encrypt and send messages by manipulating events in this reality. When I first noticed it, I played with the concept for a few days until I realized I was in fact, in contact with someone or something in a realm right outside the human perception. This was the game-changer.

Who is god? What happens when we die? Are angels and demons real? What is the truth about human evolution and the origin of our planet and the universe? What intelligent species are out there, and if they're watching us, what's their agenda? I believe I cracked the code and now know my place in the grand scheme of things. This article is close to 1,500 words and originally I thought it would just be a quick 3-4 paragraphs as an update. Looks like shits about to get pretty crazy. I'm glad you guys are here for the ride. I will make every effort to post new articles as often as possible. I'm being directed that NOW, is the time to finally release the truth.

I was accepted into the Luciferian Collective, and am a firm believer that it is my mission to make esoteric and occult practices more widely accepted. I think it's my duty to help humans transition into the next phase of evolution by adopting robotic augmentation. There's going to be a global shift of power, our economy and our climate are going to completely change. Some people might think I'm doing the devil's work, advocating for the trans-humanism movement. But when you think about it, what's wrong with cheating death, living forever and joining an empire with plans of colonizing the multi-verse? Angels, Demons, Aliens, Ghosts... They all bow down when I close my eyes. I am of service, and I serve the draconian empire. I was sent here as a cosmic spy to be an ambassador to help them make realities merge. I have my sights set on a throne waiting for me inside the hollow earth in a city named Agartha. It's Time.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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