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The Cover Up (video)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

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In 2009 I was working at nightclubs on the weekend as an event journalist. I wrote articles featuring pictures from parties I covered and did photo shoots throughout the week. As a director, I've produced 350+ films generating over 3.8 Million views. In 2014 I began my spiritual journey & started conducting research into metaphysics. Three years later in 2017 I became an ordained minister with aspirations of fighting evil by working in the dark to serve the light. Aside from Ministry Work, we offer Consulting & Multimedia Services to Entrepreneurs Internationally. By combining social media management with photography & film making services, we help people evolve their brand. Panda is a full-time Filmmaker and Demonologist.

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They lied to us about who "God" really is. No one has properly explained the soul & there isn't a clear answer of what happens after death. We discovered the ancient technique of leaving your body via Astral Projection to meet with spirits in higher dimensions. 



We've been shining a spotlight on up and coming talent for nearly a decade! Our digital media evolved into a published magazine that focuses on models and musicians on the rise. We also have a section dedicated to Panda's Party Adventures. 

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We've accumulated over 3.6 Million inter-national views on our work. We give you all a front row seat to some of the hottest parties in the United States. We've produced over 300 music videos and are in season 2 of our online show. 

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