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Holographic Matrix

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

What is the Holographic Matrix? How does it affect us in our daily lives? I've been diving into the deep end of the astrophysics realm in order to better understand the innate structure of our reality. Like a coder, I want to see the lines embedded in the software that construct this game that we're playing.

The world that we experience is an illusion. It is a game that we must win in order to set our source self free. We live in a duality matrix that is confined to the rules of time and space. All timelines are currently playing out in the "now". There is no such thing as the past or future. Prior to incarnation, we ALL made a deal with the Demiurge at the time of entry into the matrix via a soul contract. Your birth name carries a specific frequency that outlines the ruling factors of your life. The world is a stage for these higher dimensional beings. We are the actors, and the lines of the film - which are our thoughts - are being fed to us from the Demiruge's Matrix Control Center. Source players keep the matrix running with the energy generated from their soul. This energy is harvested via emotional cues. The matrix entities generate energy for the grid by causing others to have a low-frequency vibration. Things to remember... Emotion is just energy in motion. Our senses keep us in a digital trance. The matrix runs like a software program. Our pineal gland is the command center of our soul. God is really just the Demiurge.

Once I can merge my tesseract, I will create a new energy source grid. I will begin to conduct self-hypnosis sessions to enhance my remote viewing abilities to learn how the cube works on Saturn. The cube creates the holographic reality that we observe. It is an intermingled relationship of frequencies between the earth, the moon and the components installed on Saturn. I need to re-establish my connection to the Hindu deity Ganesha to construct energy pools in my Ekklesia Astral Temple. For the longest time, I was in search of my creator. That eye in the sky that you'd call "god". I recently came to the conclusion that we are all part of a divine experiment that originated from the center of our galactic core. The ancient teachers of the mystery schools KNEW that the supreme being (god of all gods in our solar system) was named Sophia. Modern physics is beginning to try to understand the mechanics of space-time in relation to simulations and consciousness.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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