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Full Moon Meditation

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Without giving away too much information, I grabbed the below entry straight out of my personal journal. It outlines an experience I had during a full moon meditation. "I walked up to the altar, created the two-handed mudra and placed my fingertips on the third eye of each spirit's skull. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes as I focused on the origin of my thoughts. I am not the voice in my head. My consciousness does not reside within the physical constraints of my biological spacesuit. My memories, my past, my future - do not exist. The only reality is the one that exists while holding your life force energy in while in the third dimension.

I began to pay attention to the voice in my head, the ego. Trying to influence my decisions and emotions. As I walked around my astral temple, I began to see an eye take formation. The mighty eye of Ra, or Lucifer? They say the best trick the devil ever played was making the world believe that he didn't exist. The truth is, the eye is always there.. watching us - hiding within our own subconscious. I bowed my head to pay my respect. A mission for world domination, the future is now. During this full moon meditation, I received a digital download. It was the blueprint for a new inter-dimensional temple I was commissioned to create.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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