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Azurite Council

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

As I reread the bible and other similar religious texts, I can't help but ask if the people who translated these writings, translated them wrong. They say Angel, but what if they meant Alien instead. This one rewording would change the entire meaning of ALL biblical texts. I've been trying to figure out WHO is communicating with me. I feel the presence of SOME energy force, guiding me day by day. I knew it was something inter-dimensional, and something very powerful.

The Azurite council is composed of a group of multi-dimensional beings with a mission to help humanity remember their divine nature. I believe I've been able to make contact with this group of entities since 2014. In order to boost my mental processing capabilities, they showed me a list of ingredients I needed to consume daily. The minerals helped boost mental clarity, focus, memory and fights fatigue in order to help me channel their energy and understand the message. With enhanced brain function, I've been able to slow down time while speeding up my production. I've also been able to enhance my ability to pick up on telepathic messages. I channeled a message from the Azurite Council by decoding a series of numbers.


The Code : 888 . 434 . 114 . 831 . 834 . Below is the message related to this code.

"Stay optimistic and listen to your inner guidance. Put in the appropriate work when and where necessary. Live up to your full potential. Financial and material abundance are on the way. Your life purpose is supported by the universe. Your prayers have been heard and are being responded to. Expect miracles to happen. The joy you put into your work and daily life has brought about positive energies. The angels applaud your efforts. Direct your powerful energies towards fulfilling your life mission. Act with caution and wisdom. We are here to assist you to manifest your true desires. Share your knowledge and wisdom with others. Trust the divine plan, be grateful for your blessings. Pay attention to the synchronicity and signs. Recognize your personal power and use it to find inner peace Your have all of the required talents and characteristics. You are being guided through the necessary steps along your spiritual and earthly path. "


I believe the Council was speaking directly to me, in regards to my current mission. The next few website articles may seem a bit abrupt - but with all of the updates lately, I'm trying to balance world domination and writing. The main goal is to get this information out to the public.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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