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Quantum Entanglement

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

God is a vibrational pattern, it's an energy source. Proteins on cell surfaces are antennas, that respond to environmental information through quantum entanglement, through constructive and deconstructive interference patterns. Shift from the physical-mechanical world into the virtual reality understanding. In order to hack reality, we must understand our connection to source. Life is "the great video game". We jump into this character and follow a set script that runs the show. On a higher plane prior to incarnation, we picked our parents, our genes and an outline of life experiences. Once complete, the information in embedded and stored within your DNA helix and you jump into this reality by incarnating in human form. You start to play the game with the scenarios and equipment that you just selected.

We come to earth with a vision to create, to learn something, to manifest something. Once we jump into the game, we forget that we're the player and become the piece in the game. If you stay inside of the piece, you lose the contact that you're far greater than the piece itself. Optimal configuration of sentient beings is love. That frequency resonates with cooperation, communication. Low entropy solution that has more order, more useful information. The criteria for evolution is simplicity.

Why are we here? Why do we need a spirit and a physical body? What we're here to do is experience, so we can lower the entropy of our consciousness. The dream reality is no different than virtual reality. Every virtual reality system has a rule set. 30,000 years ago there was a monumental change in our genes and brain structure. We must gather more awareness, then come together as humanity. We are nonphysical entities hallucinating a body.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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