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Angelic Intervention

I needed to channel my communications with the angelic realm. I believe that I have a line of oraphim dna that somehow connects me to the seraphim. I have cross referenced information and come to understand that i've been in communication with three different ranks among the bureaucracy of angels.

The first contact was an angel known as Nisroc from the order of principalities. His focus was on guiding me to become a religious leader. He worked closely with my guardian angels as I evolved and developed over the years. Once I matured enough mentally, I was introduced to an angel named Uriel. With two wings protruding from a golden globe, he taught me in the same manner as he taught Moses. The difference is, instead of focusing on lightwork, we spent most of the time dancing a quantum line-dance in hell. As a member of the Dominions, Uriel's position was to watch over hell - his commands kept the universe in order. Time froze and reality was on repeat. I had to advance past various levels before I would be introduced to my maker.

The prince of the Cherubim, with flaming swords guarding the garden of eden, he acted as a teacher of divine knowledge. Wanting to have the equal power of god and seeing himself superior to humans, he was cast out to the third dimension to experience this dense reality along with his supporters. The rebellion in heaven that was led by Lucifer began to unravel roughly 6,000 years ago. They worked for the rebel prince but soon discovered that they were deprived of the sustenance of the system's life circuits. They had been degraded to the status of mortal beings. They were super human but at the same time, material and mortal.

The visions I saw and the information they shared, gave me insight into my own divine nature. I realized that immorality is achievable by following a specific protocol, and time travel technology is embedded within our subconscious minds. The ancient gods split into two separate factions. Half took Enki's side (saved humans from the flood) and the other half sided with Enlil (enki's evil older brother). There is a statue that holds a massive amount of energy in Madrid, in Retiro Park. It is a monument of Lucifer, showing his presence in this world 75 generations later.

Live from the battle field,

The Devil's Advocate


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