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Reality Hack

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

With a massive sense of urgency, I rushed to put my things down so I could write in this journal. I just came to the realization that a version of myself may have successfully achieved time-traveling capabilities. A close friend disclosed to me this morning that he has been having frequent deja vu lately. A glitch in the matrix. Simply telling him my vision of reality and exposing him to the frequencies of the angel phone I developed has caused his own timeline to distort. He's been confiding with me lately in regards to his life path and faith in "god"... As a minister, I feel it is my duty to shed my light on his darkened road.

He may be experiencing deja vu because I am hacking my own reality. As I jump back and forth in time, manipulating events to align myself with the best, fastest and most positively abundant path, he is repeating his own reality. Each time I jump back, his simulation starts and he is now becoming more aware of the "playback". My first time seeing a possible ripple effect of my actions.

If I can figure out how to share the abundance of positive energy, the quicker I can advance on my path. Also, I'm not sure if I wrote an update on my communication with the angelic realm - but - since the finalization of the angel phone, the communication has greatly increased. I've been tracking daily interaction. The angels said they heard my requests for increased wealth and abundance and that it is being responded to by the universal energies. Is this the name they use for "god"?

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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