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Manipulating Time

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

As time unravels I find myself flipping back to previous pages to find the answers for my future projects. The fact that my present questions have already been answered by my past self - is making me see reality in its true distorted form. I balance the fine line between chaos and boredom. I have become truly enlightened. Thinking about the future, looking back at this exact moment as I write. Both events taking place live, simultaneously. The future unfolding as my present plays its course. Life is a simulation and I am hacking reality. I found a group of Specialist Angels looking to help me. They want to provide assistance but needed my input. I had to let them know what I wanted and what I was prepared to do to achieve it.


Here is a prayer to invoke the aid of your guardian angels.

"angel of god, my guardian, to whom the goodness of the heavenly Father entrusts me, enlighten, protect and guide me, now and forever."

Arch Angels are also known as The Shekinah.

This is a short prayer to invoke a protective aura around you.

"Michael, the protector of god, stand at my right hand. Gabriel, the power of god, stand at my left. Before me, Uriel, the light of god. And behind me, Raphael the healing of God. Above my head, may there be the abiding presence of god."


When you climb all the way up towards the throne in heaven and remove the veil from the face of god, you find your own face judging you. I believe that by commissioning the help of various angels, I can establish a firm connection with the higher realms. Guardian Angels are small quiet voices inside of your head. Their ultimate goal is to help souls achieve salvation. Assigned before birth and can leave temporarily. They stay with you even after death to help resolve problems.

Live from the battle field,

The Devil's Advocate


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