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Blurred Timelines

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Timelines are becoming an intertwined version of the future, past and present. The stellar gateway was to be closed at midnight, acting as a transition into a new age and chapter. I've refined my workflows into mind maps and task lists. Originally all the notes were written down in journals, but then they evolved into digital format. I learned that the universe doesn't speak "English". It speaks "Frequency".

My current research has been aimed at summoning spirits. In the Goetia - Necronomicon, there are hidden treasures of supernatural abilities and knowledge. Evocation is the process of calling forth an entity from another plane of existence to an external manifestation, never within himself or herself without proper protection. I have been practicing procedures relating to Enochian angel magick (18.1.1)

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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They lied to us about who "God" really is. No one has properly explained the soul & there isn't a clear answer of what happens after death. We discovered the ancient technique of leaving your body via Astral Projection to meet with spirits in higher dimensions. 



We've been shining a spotlight on up and coming talent for nearly a decade! Our digital media evolved into a published magazine that focuses on models and musicians on the rise. We also have a section dedicated to Panda's Party Adventures. 

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We've accumulated over 3.6 Million inter-national views on our work. We give you all a front row seat to some of the hottest parties in the United States. We've produced over 300 music videos and are in season 2 of our online show. 

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