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Soul Type Test

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I recently took a soul type test. The overall categories are hunter, caregiver, creator, thinker, helper, educator, performer, leader and spiritualist. They had me walk into a room and sit at a table by myself. They slid a packet over to me and said, fill this out. I flipped through it and noticed there were 200 questions, I realized I would be here for a while. Based on how you answer the questions, it calculates your personality traits to find your soul essence and type. My main trait is a Spiritualist. Then it was a tie for Leader and Thinker.


Spiritualist : They informed me that I am highly intuitive and have many psychic experiences due to my 6th sense of developing. They said I feel a need to create a better world while inspiring people to make the best of their lives. I was warned that younger spiritualists will emulate me, so to ensure that i inspire not only by my words but by my behavior as well.

Leader : The council member extended his hand over mine and explained I have been given an air of authority and filled with charisma to make me stand out. My innate wisdom draws towards me people seeking advice. I was instructed to look at Alexander The Great and John F Kennedy as role models.

Thinker : Learning and writing come easy due to the DNA template the council upgraded me to. Units of consciousness from cycles above help me process my thoughts through discussion and analysis. I have been given a gift of persuasion. Getting my point across will become easy as i adopt an air of superiority of divine light. I have acquired knowledge over numerous lifetimes. (18.21.4)


When we cast light through a prism, it comes out in the form of a spectrum which we perceive as the seven colors of the rainbow. Similarly, when the source of all being casts its consciousness into the relative world, it comes out in the form of individual souls of seven types. (priest, artisan, sage, server, scholar, king & warrior) We are all parts of a greater whole, the evolving consciousness of all-that-is. We each serve a particular function in the grand scheme of things. The seven soul types are primary roles in essence in which the one becomes many.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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