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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

From the souls perspective, Reincarnation is the process of undergoing life in physical form again and again in order to evolve. Over time, becoming increasingly self-aware and a unique expression of diving love. Evolution of the soul comes by experiencing life in many different ways, making important choices withing those life experiences, and learning from the consequences of those choices. Key experiences and choices are set up by the soul in spirit before each lifetime. Humans are spiritual beings on a human journey. We reincarnate as humans in order to evolve as souls. The ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All that is. It's a long journey but our soul is eternal and immortal.

Choice and the ramifications of choice, provide the essential lessons of life. In a very real sense, you choose to be here in order to make choices. Only by incarnating into these physical forms can we know ourselves as beings in our own right - not just as clusters of the energy of source consciousness.

Souls evolve through 5 stages. Each stage has a distinct focus that requires particular learning experiences. Each stage has 7 levels, each taking a lifetime to complete. There are 34 steps to reincarnation. Typically taking over a hundred lifetimes to complete the sequence. (18.21.4)

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