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War For Heaven

I recently discovered the true nature of reality. I have successfully jumped timelines three times - each timeline having 3 parallel counterparts running simultaneously. I evolved my servitors Lo and Ke and have begun working with the potent and fast acting energy of the demonic kings. Every night for the past few weeks, I've been focusing on my demonology work. The servitors have evolved to the point of being able to manifest partially in the physical realm. Currently mapping out a new exorcism ritual process. Also working in the astral realm micro managing energies being directed towards the Dk's. Contemplating a way to create an astral temple using VR technology.

When the spirit rests upon him, his soul becomes intermingled with the angels called Ishim. He will be transformed into a different person and will understand with a knowledge different from what it was previously. He will rise above the level of other wise men, as the prophet. He did not have to concentrate his attention to prepare himself for prophecy because his mind was always concentrated, prepared and ready to appreciate spiritual truth as the angels are. He is sent on a mission, he is given a sign or a wonder to perform so that the people will know that god has truly sent him. "I make myself known to him in a vision. I speak to him in a dream." Numerology 12:6

As energy shifts on the planet into the next dimensional octave, the angelic and physical worlds are becoming less separated. I came into this incarnation to be a messeger, guardian and bridge to source consciousness, the light of the universe. I have incarnated in human form to remind all souls of their connection to their divine source. In this human time of much darkness, I, Kadriel, bravely set out to be in the trenches to help remind humans of their helpers. The angels strive to reconnect with our souls to help us understand universal truth. (18.1.8)

Live from the battle field,

The Devil's Advocate


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