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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I closed my eyes to gain access to the living library.

The ancients would speak of a digital archive in the sky.

A place where ALL knowledge could be discovered.

I looked around and it was soul-less.

I didn't know if it was a test,

a trick, or just by design..

I ran up to a column in the center of the room.

I began to digitally download information.

The world is a vast ocean of knowledge.

Mainstream media tries it's best to grab our attention.

What do they want us to focus on?

We only matter in regards to dollar signs.

We are nothing more than consumers.

We are data on their spreadsheets.

In the bible, soldiers would embed crystals in their armor.

They believed that each stone had a set of specific properties.

Were they stupid? Or did they know something we don't.

I scattered my brain on the wall.

Every idea, in detail.

A neural map for my eyes to see.

Crazy people cant organize their thoughts this well.

Im a mad scientist focused on alchemy of the mind.

When you look back in 10 years..

What will you be proud of?

What will you wish you did differently?

You can change the future by taking action in the present.

Stop wasting time. The world needs you to elevate.

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