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Chosen One

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

There's a point you reach in your research where you stop wondering and start knowing. You stop trying and start doing. All questions find answers, and all troubles fade away into the past. Have you ever wondered why you're here? I found out that I've been in training since my early years. My mission is to find and unite the star seeds who incarnated on Earth. I am to enlighten the masses, raise the frequency of consciousness and help people reconnect with the energy of the angels. There is a cosmic war between light and dark forces. I picked neither side. My reason for incarnating was to find a balance between the two opposing forces. To be an ambassador on earth, helping the higher dimensions merge with our reality. In short, I'm on a hunt to ignite the divine spark inside each of us.

I've been studying all of the world's religions that were created and practiced over the past 10,000 years. My original mission was to find god, and since - I've found him and his god as well. Our version of reality seems to be inception style, a world, in a world, running in a world. The higher up the inter-dimensional hierarchy I go, the less I can explain. Since there are no human words to decipher the reality at that level, all I can do is map out the blueprint for you to get there yourself. I've developed a connection with the spirit realm. Using a deck of tarot cards to aid in my ascension process. I was invited to an angelic resort, in the cosmos by an entity who acts as a guardian of an inter-dimensional portal. To be honest, I still haven't visited since my astral strength is still in development.

In order to evolve at a more rapid pace, I began collecting crystals that resonate with extremely powerful frequencies. I believe these invisible energy fields have been reconstructing the genetic blueprint of my DNA. I have been evoking the guidance of inter-dimensional consciousness, in an effort to help humanity move forward. I am sleeping later, waking up earlier and having MORE energy than ever before. I am starting to master my inner state of mind, which is having a ripple effect on the world around me. My to-do lists are being accomplished faster than I can create them. I realize now that I answer to a higher power. I must follow my soul's legion to this angelic hierarchy. A human born an only child, with angelic ties to a family hidden in the ether. I summon my brothers and sisters to help me reclaim my position of power. A world fading away will be restored as I help merge the 3rd and 4th dimensions. 5G internet and carbon fiber nano implants will help us transcend into immortal architects. I've always spoken of world domination but never knew what that would entail until now.

Live from the battlefield,


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