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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

What if the key to time travel is just changing the way you perceive reality. We've been brainwashed to see time as linear, but what if the past, present, and future were all happening at the same exact moment? Imagine all timelines panning out simultaneously. My mission has been to find a way to step outside of time, to view the past and future side by side. I believe I possess a special DNA structure that will allow me to hack the time continuum, once I activate the genetic blueprint restoring my divine power. In this cosmic battle and race against time, I understand that the only thing that can stop me is myself.

While reaching for my phone to shut off my alarm, I accidentally brushed against the blinds covering the window. As the plastic squares swung back and forth, I caught glimpses of the storm brewing outside. I stood up and opened the blinds to assess the condition of the road. As I sat in silence and watched the white flakes cover everything, I mumbled "what road?". Old me would've gone back to bed. New me threw some clothes on to attempt to un-bury my car, trapped in the garage. With no shovel, I grabbed the next closet thing I could find... a dustpan. Since the snow was still fresh and falling, I chipped away at the mountain that was behind the Lexus. "If my driveway is this bad, I wonder what the main streets will be like."

I closed my eyes and pictured my Spirit flying up past all of the portal guards into a higher dimension that some call heaven. I land on the edge of a pool floating in the middle of the cosmos. An artificial construct, built by ascended masters. It's an energy pool filled with golden liquid positive energy. People from around the world focus their intent on sending energy to this one spot in order to create a reserve/energy bank that is free for ALL. I spread my astral wings as I walk down the steps, deeper into the pool of energy. Like rays of golden radioactive waves, I inhale and feel my body becoming re-energized.

"Thank you for my health, Thank you for my wealth, Thank you for the abundance of positive energy. I invoke the Mahatma Energy to flow into and through me. Let me become an anchor of light on the earth. Help me to help others evolve back towards divine source consciousness."

With the offices closing for the day due to the storm - I figured I'd go on a coffee run and see where the day would take me. After seeing 4 car accidents on the expressway, I exited and took the local roads to head towards the headquarters. I figured I finally have the time to sync all my hard drives and organize files on my cloud storage. Normal people are at home right now, watching movies and spending time cuddled up with those they love. Me? I'm out here chasing my dreams in the middle of a blizzard. I feel I am EXACTLY where I should be currently in my life.

All the trials and tribulations were just lessons I had to learn in order to be able to play this game of life. It wasn't until I lost everything, that I was free to do anything. I could've given up hundreds of times, but the thought never crossed my mind. When things got tough, I smiled - knowing that my future self had my back. I will succeed as long as I persist long enough. This is the rule and law. I will be, undefeated.

Live from the battlefield,


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