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Back From The Abyss

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I was driving on the expressway lost in thought when I came across the idea of a way to keep everyone up to date. I was thinking about how this all started... I had a blog section on a myspace page that I used to play around with HTML coding. Later, it would evolve into a website that functioned as a blog with photos from parties I covered. Over the next decade, It would evolve even more, into a HUB for my agency work.​​ I take a lot of random photos that never end up seeing the light of day. With my schedule changing so rapidly lately, it's getting harder for me to post updates. It has resulted in me going ghost from certain social media platforms for nearly the past year.

I told myself that I NEED to write every day so I can keep YOU up to date. When I say "you" I could be talking to a stranger, a close friend, a family member, or even myself in a different time. If I can make writing these articles a habit, I know it'll continue to evolve into something great! This section specifically, "The Daily Grind" -- can feature my less polished work. It will give me the freedom I need to write without format. Essentially it's an entire category dedicated to the randomness that occurs day to day. I feel like this will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, so cheers to the start of something devilishly great.

I tend to take photos that don't fit into any recent projects, so it'll be pretty cool to give you all a peek inside my life. I hope that each frame helps to paint a picture of the vibe and energy of my human existence. Some articles will be extremely random. Speaking in fragments and run-on sentences. My main goal always is to keep you informed. Imagine myself on the front line of battle, sending these blog posts as inter-dimensional war wages on. Sometimes we don't get time for proofreading edits. This morning I woke up automatically at 7:25 am like usual. My internal clock set on autopilot after months of repetition. I rolled over and saw a package that I never got the chance to open last night. I made my bed and grabbed a knife. This was the most secure package I've ever received, ironic that the wings of an angel would be inside. I have to0 say though, I was pretty impressed once I got it open.

I plan to work on a new photography portfolio, creating art with local models for some advertising campaigns I'm cooking up. These wings will fit for a "Fallen Angel" theme I'm planning. I have another set of white wings coming in that I'm going to mount on the wall of my new office. It was supposed to arrive last night as well, but the snowstorm delayed things. Speaking of my new office, i guess now would be a good time to fill you in?

Mid-December I finally got the chance to re-open a location to use as my Agency's Head Quarters. I've been ordering gear for the past few weeks, upgrading the layout of the office making sure its equipped for the Revolution. I mounted an 80" projector and connected all remote controlled L.E.D. ambient lighting. The office itself could take up an entire article with the updates, but for now, I'll just leave you with the image above.

I recently sent the Digital PDF version of our magazine to some people via email/facebook messenger. I also placed a huge bulk order of magazines! If you've worked on a project with us in the past we'll be reaching out to you soon to reconnect and collab on something new!

Live from the battlefield,


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