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Marky Mcfly

This week's featured talent is Marky Mcfly! Bringing you a front row seat and an inside look at the life of an artist on the grind. Be sure to check out the photos and videos posted below. If you want to see more of this artist, click their social media links!

These pages are often updated with new content and recent films. Check back for the latest projects! Brought to you in part by the IRainMan Agency, The Robot Panda and Elevate TV.

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We first worked with Mcfly about two years ago near the West Side of Chicago. Since then we've been plotting on and off on new projects and ventures to get into. With a performance coming up at block party, we organized a session to film his new music video.

The weather was pretty decent and the crowd was calm. I drove my lexus down a pathway with over grown grass, into a lot across from the deejay table. Mcfly came to the car and we finalized the game plan for the scenes that needed to be recorded. My main focus was to grab two performance shots of him rapping along with his song, then the rest of the shots would be of the people in attendance at the event.

Later in the evening we found a shipping container off to the side near some railroad tracks. While I was setting the camera and checking the framing, Marky found a way to climb to the top, lol. The footage we were able to capture that night def was on the next level. I know he's excited to see the final product as are all the people from the block party who asked for business cards. Stay tuned for updates and the final product from this event! If im not mistaken, a viewing party / midnight release is in the works for this video. More information coming soon!


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