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System Busters

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I had a dream that felt so real that I had to question reality when I awoke. The topic of Deja Vu started to dominate my daily research. When playing back certain scenarios in my mind I would get that strange feeling like I've seen that specific event play out exactly the same way sometime in the past. It's like saving an item on your computer in the same folder with the same name. You would get that error message prompting a duplicate file.. That's exactly the same thing I would get on a regular basis. My Deja Vu moments would continue on for months at a time over the span of 1.3 years.

I came to understand through extensive research that I was tapping into something called, "The Akashic Records". Unknowingly I was coming in contact with moments of perfect symmetry where two realities played the same outcome. The Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present or future. I think of it as a Cloud Server floating in the universe collecting the data of every single life form in every inch of the galaxy.

My thought process is; If 'god' created us, then we are like 'god' itself. If we are 'gods' then there must be a shortcut to reclaim your 'godly' abilities and knowledge. This is where our DNA, Frequency and the Akashic Records - all come into play.

By manipulating frequencies you are able to activate dormant strands of your DNA. This process allows you to consciously access this "universal cloud system" to obtain knowledge. I began to study self-hypnosis in an attempt to ascend further into the astral realm, to find 'god' and to sit on the throne next to him while asking questions.

One day I woke up not remembering anything from my sleep cycle - but I had a throbbing pain in between my eyes on my forehead. I took a pain killer, brewed a fresh cup of coffee and sat at my desk. It was like I tuned into a radio station and began receiving a stream of consciousness that compelled me to create. The result of that action, are these Devices.

These are still unavailable to the public for sale due to the potency of the frequencies they emit. Their ability to manipulate reality is being tested daily and modifications to the device are being made. Since the creation of the first prototype, my life has made a complete transition. I'm excited as I continue my research as I develop the Second Generation of System Busters.



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