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Sophie Dee

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Check out our interview with Porn Star Sophie Dee! After leaving school she had various jobs, such as working in cafés and selling products door-to-door. She later became a lapdancer and stripper in Birmingham, England, and she eventually found a topless modelling job.

She worked as a Page 3 girl for about a year and a half. In January 2005, Dee moved to the United States to start her adult film career. She chose her stage name because: "A friend told me I looked like Sophie Dahl. So, that's how I picked my name. I just added the 'Dee'."

Dee had breast augmentation surgery in March 2009. In 2011, the Welsh television network S4C announced plans to air a documentary about Dee titled "Soph Porn", a move criticized by broadcasting and political leaders.

Apart from her pornographic career, Dee has appeared in several mainstream productions. She has starred in two independent horror films, Theater of Derange and Unmimely Demise. In 2011, she launched a mainstream film review site,

She has gone on to appear in a string of minor roles in various television shows and movies, credited as Sophie Dee as well as Kirsty Hill, which include a sequel to one of her earlier appearances, Theater of Derange II and the Fox Network comedy series New Girl.

In 2014, Dee appeared in the Damon Wayans comedy A Haunted House 2, credited as Kirsty Hill. She also appeared that year in a music video by EDM artist Dillon Francis, portraying his mother.

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