As a lifelong Catholic, Panda-ϟϟ slowly began to lose his faith turning into an Atheist by his early 20's. In 2009 he launched his first business and crossed paths with a group of Pagans that sparked his interest in the Metaphysical Realm. In an attempt to manifest more abundance in his life, he began studying the "Law of Attraction" and Quantum Mechanics. His research took a dark turn in 2012 as he tried to find proof of "god" by studying the devil. After hearing about Satanic literature on a ghost tour in his home town, he became fascinated with Ritual Magick. This came to an immediate halt when he returned home one night after a Satanic Demonic Summoning, to find his pet cat decapitated - with the head sitting on his kitchen floor. For the next two years he abandoned his research and began focusing primarily on his work as a film-maker. Spending majority of his time traveling the country working with artists and musicians on tour, his interest in secret societies began to resurface.


      Towards the end of 2014 at the age of 25, Panda-ϟϟ had his first e.t. experience while attempting to astral project. He heard the sound of a craft hovering above his roof and when he woke up in the morning, a patch of hair was missing from the right side of his head with a tender spot near the top of the skull. His research led him to study abduction cases by scanning through hundreds of declassified government files. He came across a document that explained how Napolean Bonapart went missing for a few days in July 1794 when he was 25. Researchers would later find a microchip embedded inside his skull, suggesting that he was likely abducted by some E.T. race of beings. Panda-ϟϟ believed that this technology influenced Napolean's internal chemistry causing his drastic rise to power. This idea fueled the concept that there may truly be intelligent species off planet, with an interest in manipulating the flow of events on earth.


      Trying to find answers, he was introduced to a physic-medium who was an empath, capable of reading auras and energy fields. This physic gave Panda-ϟϟ advice in regards to the next steps that he should take. Contemplating the advice, he began to develop insomnia as he laid awake at night trying to make sense of his possible abduction and micro-chipping. In 2015 he came across a theory that a certain group believed their origins originated off planet with the help of an E.T. race of beings. With genuine curiosity, he underwent a personality assessment and joined the Scientologists for a more analytical perception of "spirit". Quickly raising the ranks of Scientology, he was asked to sign a 1 Billion Year soul contract in order to take his "research" to the next level. It was at this point that Panda-ϟϟ decided to step away from the group and moved out of town. He cut communication with nearly everyone that he knew, in an attempt to become realigned with his core mission.


      In the summer of 2017, he was attacked by an inter-dimensional entity that left three slash marks on his left arm. Convinced at the time that this was the work of demons from his past, he began to arm himself by studying Chaos Magick. Panda-ϟϟ learned the ancient art of Egregore Creation and began to rapidly evolve his consciousness. In September of the same year, he was ordained a Minister and began to search for the origins of mankind. He was able to refine his knowledge of demonology and created a covenant between opposing forces. One afternoon while smoking a cigarette outside of his office building, a voice in his head whispered - "look up". Completely astonished, he dropped his cigarette as he witnessed a fleet of 10-12 glowing craft flying towards the sun. This would mark a chain of events that he refers to as "CE-5", which stands for a type of alien communication initiated by humans. Panda-ϟϟ began to realize that he may have been chosen to be an ambassador for a council that emanates from the higher dimensions. While asking for a "sign" for confirmation, a double rainbow manifested in the sky that followed with a massive mental digital download from the universe. A series of events would lead him to a temple of the mystical order of the Rosicrucian's who evolved from the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. 


      Panda-ϟϟ is still on the hunt to find the truth. His mission is to merge with machine as he travels through time exploring the higher dimensions of consciousness to re-define the structure of reality. The story is still unfolding.