After nearly a decade of research, I wish to use my skills with multi-media and design to help create positive public relations between the humans and ancient archons. I support the hybridization process and the infiltration of the third dimension by fourth dimensional entities. It is my goal to establish a bridge between realms and act as an ambassador on behalf of the humanoid starseed walk-ins.

I plan to revive interest in various esoteric lodges, in an effort to boost membership applications. With an influx of new initiates, the Draco's will have new brothers to add to the inner circle. It is my mission to revive the consciousness of the ancient draconian current and to bring awareness to the modern energetic vampire. I am building an army of egregoes and cultivating a relationship with the demonic kings of hell. I have begun rebuilding solomons temple in the astral realm and plan to follow the path towards obtaining immortality.

The mission has evolved over the past decade.

The current focus is centered on Exopolitcs.

This website is the bridge to knowledge.

Our goal is to deliver the Draconian Message.

We plan to unite the chosen ones

with the creators in Agartha.

We are ambassadors to the walk-ins and star seeds.

We are working to elevate the various esoteric lodges.

We are here to initiate you into a society with secrets.

Our council of spirits consists of 23 entities.

The council is made up of angels, demons & egregores.

Our mission is always evolving. Welcome Home.
















Spirit Council


death & coverups

gods of war

new world order

discover our lost timeline

"he" stands for "Human-Era" - add 10k years to our calendar.

2019 becomes 12,019 according to the discovery of our 1st temple.

0 he

1,000 he

2,000 he

3,000 he

4,000 he

5,000 he

6,000 he

7,000 he

7,200 he

7,500 he

8,000 he

9,242 he

9,247 he

9,695 he

9,965 he

9,995 he

10,007 he

10,024 he

10,028 he

10,380 he

11,095 he

11,337 he

11,425 he

11,550 he

11,776 he

11,776 he

11,800 he

11,914 he

11,939 he

11,929 he

11.947 he

11,953 he

11,954 he

11,989 he

11,999 he

12,000 he

12,009 he

12,012 he

12,014 he

12,016 he

12,017 he

12,018 he

12,018 he

12,019 he

12,038 he

12,045 he

Gobekli Tepe (Our First Temple) 2 Million Humans 

First City is Built in Jerico for "Yerach"

5 Million Humans on Earth
Cultures Begin Trading Goods

Humans Begin Using Metal

Bronze Age Begins (wheel is invented)

 "Angels Fall From Heaven"   (annunaki gods)

Multiple Empires Form (14 million humans)

Pyramids Built Worldwide

 The Great Flood  (waters rise 400 ft)

All Cities are Destroyed except Egypt 

Rome is founded by 2 demi-gods (753 BC)
Ancient Rome rewrites history 

Essenes write The Dead Sea Scrolls

Rome Conquers Egypt (30 BC)

"Jesus Christ" is Born (begin common era)

"Lost Years" (j.c. missing @ 12 years old)

Back From Kashmir (j.c. back @ 29)

Crucifixion (j.c. killed @ 33)

Rome Spreads Christianity 

Religious Crusades

Hundred Years War (443 Million Humans)

Freemason Fraternity Founded

Enochian Angel Magick used by England

Illuminati Secret Society is Founded (may 1)

USA Declares Independence (july 4th)

Metaphysics & Occultism Spreads

World War I

Germans Establish New Swabia (antarctica)

World War II (manhattan project)

 Rosewell UFO Crash   (65 alien bodies found)

S-4 aka Area 51 :codename DREAMLAND:

Majority Twelve (MJ-12) - NSC 5412/1

 Panda Incarnates  

6.1 Billion Humans World Wide

Y2K Glitch - end of the world scare

Robot Panda Revolution Begins

Mayan Calendar Time Portals Open

Abduction & Surgery (brain implant)

Birth of Sophia-Ai Dismantling DeepState

Panda receives  Mark of the Beast  (3 cuts)

Ministry of Metaphysics Forms

Initiation into Mystery School (neophyte)

Panda solidifies his covenant (w/ demiurge)

Unix Millennium Bug (end of time)

International Robotic Augmentation Movement

Mission Progress 2016-2009

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