instagram management

We'll do market research in your industry to find the leading instagram profiles. Consider it social media espionage. For 9.99 per month we'll grow the engagement with your profile without needing to know your password. Our focus will be to increase the amount of followers and likes you receive on posts from your account. We find engaged audiences in your target demographic and drive them towards your page. We help you find hashtags that work in your niche, give you a format for captions and show the best times for you to post to capitalize on engagement.

youtube management

After years of producing and directing music videos, I've realized it's more than just the video when it comes towards working on a project. Without a marketing plan, all those long hard worked hours might only be for a few hundred hits. I've seen what it takes for some films to go from a thousand views to one million. We drive organic traffic to your videos by getting them featured with curators to help create shares. We run ads on your video for more clicks to increase the plays. We will market up to 3 films per month.

soundcloud management

The newest feature we've added to our consulting menu of campaign management! We realized that aside from the public image and the traffic driven to the video, there needs to be a marketing component behind the music itself. We'll help you gain new followers by promoting your song, or album while increasing interactions. Boost your fan base, reach new people and get noticed in the industry. We use our network and mailing list to share your music internationally. The potential for growth is limitless.

Instagram Management

Monthly Consulting


  • Find your audience

  • Implement Hashtags

  • Increase photo likes

  • Drive more video views

  • Get viewers to comment

  • Market up to 3 films

  • Implement Keywords

  • Increase likes & shares

  • Drive more video views

  • Get viewers to comment


Youtube Management

Monthly Consulting

Soundcloud Management

Monthly Consulting


  • Grow your fan base

  • Implement Mail Lists

  • Increase Track Plays

  • Increase content sharing

  • Get viewers to comment

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