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I was raised in a Christian home and attended private schools centered around Catholicism for nearly a decade. For many years I was a Roman Catholic with no idea who "God" really was. Pastors couldn't answer my questions and teachers looked at me with confusion. By the age of 20, I had become an Atheist convinced no one really knew what was going on. When I began creating films in 2012, I stumbled upon hidden symbolism in certain videos. It was my first time hearing about "Free Masons" and the various "Illuminati" conspiracies. I wondered why these subjects were never covered or even remotely mentioned in all those years of religious indoctrination. Someone out there was keeping the truth a secret, and I devoted all of my spare time to uncovering the ancient past. in 2017 I signed up to fight in the spiritual war and was ordained a minister.

Knowledge Is    Power

I developed a strong fascination with the occult and esoteric teachings. It was a whole new world that I never knew existed for over 25 years. I began my initiation into various lodges and temples while under the direction of the appointed masters. I started to learn the suppressed secrets and about our connection to off world species. I realized that many people do not have the extra time and or motivation to dig into these hidden esoteric teachings. I developed "Ekklesia" as a society to help people evolve in consciousness and become ascended masters.

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