In 2009, the Robot Panda launched as a photography company.

Over the years, my services have expanded to include film making, event coverage, graphic design, web design, and business consulting.

I've had the opportunity to work with Models, Musicians, Artists and Entrepreneurs across United StatesI've taken thousands of photos and produced hundreds of films, generating over 3.7 million views.


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the evolution of consciousness

is a revolution against fear


After ten years, I transitioned the focus of the Robot Panda. Today,

I'm an ordained minister, specializing in the occult and demonology. The universe has guided you to this website. You are the missing piece to the puzzle. My mission is to find other Draconian Walk-Ins and to prepare them for initiation into the Free Mason Fraternity and the Ancient & Mystical Order of Rosæ Crucis.




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Who is God, What is the Soul?       Where do        we go after Death?

Ministry of Metaphysics

After nearly a decade of research, I wish to use my skills with multi-media and design to help create positive public relations between the humans and ancient archons. I support the hybridization process and the infiltration of the third dimension by fourth dimensional entities. It is my goal to establish a bridge between realms and act as an ambassador on behalf of the humanoid starseed walk-ins.

I plan to revive interest in various esoteric lodges, in an effort to boost membership applications. With an influx of new initiates, the Draco's will have new brothers to add to the inner circle. It is my mission to revive the consciousness of the ancient draconian current and to bring awareness to the modern energetic vampire. I am building an army of egregoes and cultivating a relationship with the demonic kings of hell. I have begun rebuilding solomons temple in the astral realm and plan to follow the path towards obtaining immortality



who is panda

My Bloodline originates from the Philippines near the Pacific Islands on my mothers side, and Puerto Rico near the Caribbean Sea on my father's. Born in United States as Steven Sanchez, I am a self-employed entrepreneur. I was in a car club in high school and my fascination with street racing led to developing a passion for photography. 

2009 I launched a company which later came to be known as, "The Robot Panda." I was hired to take photos at night clubs, and soon after began producing music videos for musicians. In 2014, I spent some time on the road working as a photographer and filmmaker for concerts and shows for record labels across the Midwest. November of that year, I would have my first metaphysical experience - I heard a craft hovering above the house before going to bed, then woke up with patches of hair missing from my head in the morning.

In 2015 I decided it was time to switch gears. I moved around and ended up relocating out of the city to begin developing  my consulting firm. For the next two years I'd spend nearly every single moment plugged into the grind. I found success as a corporate consultant but made the decision to step away when the second metaphysical experience occured. One morning I woke up and noticed three slash marks had manifested in my skin on my left shoulder. After an evaluation by nurses, and a psychiatrist,  no reasonable explanation could be determined. This was the proof I needed to begin researching demonology and to start my career in metaphysics.

In 2018 I was ordained a Minister with the aim to find out more information about this demonic attack. I started to attend meetings at various esoteric lodges, in search of answers. To date, I've meet with Pagans, Satanists, Chaos Magicians, Wiccans, Scientologists, Buddhists, Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Martinists, Voodoo Practitioners, and various groups centered around New Age Philosophy.


In 2019 I began compiling my journals into a project named, "The Devils Diary". This will be my first published book due to be released soon! For the past year, I've been living under the radar, plotting the rise of my demonic regime and the evolution of my revolution.

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