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In 2009 I got my start in the industry by working at nightclubs on the weekend as an event journalist. I wrote articles featuring pictures from parties I covered & did photo shoots throughout the week. As a director, I've produced 350+ films generating over 3.6 Million views. In 2014 I began my spiritual journey & started conducting research into metaphysics. Three years later in 2017 I became an ordained minister with aspirations of fighting evil by working in the dark to serve the light. 


The goal of my Ministry is to answer three crucial questions. Who is God, What is the soul & Where do we go when we die? One morning I woke up & noticed three slashes cut into my left shoulder. Research pointed to it being a Demonic Attack or some sort of mark left by Extraterrestrials. At the time, I was a Catholic turned Atheist who used science to understand the world. I didn't believe in spirits or aliens, so I decided to dig even deeper. This magazine Is a culmination of my work as a filmmaker, photographer and Demonologist. 

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Who is God, What is the Soul?       Where do        we go after Death?

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